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People - A Highly Talented UK Workforce

Whilst our philosophy is to purchase up to date and leading precision machining centres, they can only be exploited if our people can utilise them to the full extent. The interpretation of complex drawings and models in order that they can be manufactured to the most demanding standards requires a team of highly skilled engineers with a “Can Do Will Do” mindset. This is what AML has set out to do from its early origins.

Full training and development, whether given to operators or engineers alike, will continue throughout their employment. Whilst much of this will take place in house, external training will take place as and when required; as new equipment is delivered or new skills are required.

Programme Management

Most people would naturally expect us to highlight our programme management professional capabilities under our R&D section, indeed it is a relevant management tool in that context. However, as a “business capability” it is critical to all areas, and an essential skill of our employees. It is not confined to research and development activities, but is the foundation of all volume manufacturing, where the successful programme management of NPI is a pre-requisite to any production part.

Each programme is assigned an engineer from day 1, and relevant team members who posses the full compliment of skills to execute the scope of work. The team will work hand in hand with the customer for technical consultation and to provide regular progress updates. Parts entering the production phase will have locked down programs that allow consistent parts to be manufactured and allow us to achieve world class yield levels.