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Production – Sectors – Aerospace, Energy, Marine, Nuclear

Max Turning Size: Diameter: 920mm – Length: 1,921
Max Milling Size: X: 1,200mm – Y: 920mm – Z: 610mm

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Aerospace Engines

Within the aerospace gas turbine market, novel geometries and the requirement of titanium and nickel machining gives specific challenges that suit AML’s capabilities Our techniques make AML the right partner to suit your needs whatever your Aerospace challenge.

  • Compressor Discs
  • Turbine Discs
  • Stator Vanes
  • Gas Compressor Casings
  • Gearbox Actuation Components
  • Aerofoil components

Aerospace Structures

AML’s advanced techniques gives real cost savings for titanium and aluminium machining. This means AML is a ready made partner in the aero-structures market, a key facet of the aerospace machining industry.

  • Pylons
  • Side Fittings
  • Wing Ribs


  • Land Based Turbine Discs
  • Land Based Turbine Shafts


  • Refuelling Assemblies