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Research and Technology – Aerospace, Energy, Marine, Nuclear, Industrial

This page outlines what we consider as our “DNA”. We believe this is what differentiates us from other precision machining and engineering companies.  We encourage you to read this page, and get a feel for what really makes us tick.

AML views the participation in Research and Technology projects as important for the following reasons

  • It keeps us abreast of the latest precision machining technology being studied which allows us to consider its use in a Commercial environment.
  • It develops the knowledge and skills of AML which in turn can be used for our customers.
  • It develops the skills of our engineers at the same time.

AML continues to invest in Research and Technology.  We have been part of many projects from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020, Innovate UK Projects and the EU’s previous Seventh Framework Program (FP7).  All projects are based on collaborative research and typically run for 2-4 years. Some of our recent and current projects include:

  • MMTech – A scientific approach based on the sustainable introduction of additive methods for titanium aluminide alloy, γ-TiAl: a promising advanced material for aerospace applications. http://mmtech-nology.com/
  • LoCoMaTech – Low Cost Materials Processing Technologies for Mass Production of Lightweight Vehicle. http://www.locomatech.net/ProjectArea1/
  • ADMAPGAS – A development project to machine gas turbine disc root slots with Waterjet cutting and EDM methods.  AML developed a control algorithm to improve the positions accuracy to 0.1mm when machining Titanium and other nickel based alloys. http://www.admapgas.com/
  • COMETA – Within this project AML developed advanced precision machining techniques on Metal Matrix composites for the machine tool industry.  AML attained a machining capability for a variety of features based in Aluminium based Matrix composite materials.
  • COMET – AML was part of project team to develop robotic techniques further for advanced complex machining tasks. AML utilised the outcome for advanced automated deburring technology on complex aerospace engine parts.  AML has also developed its own robotic capability which it aims to develop further within its precision machining portfolio. http://www.cometproject.eu/