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Precision Machining in Sheffield

High Performance Precision Machining

AML provides a range of manufacturing services across engineering sectors from it’s factory in Sheffield. These services include manufacture of complex metallic parts, sub-assembly manufacture, bespoke engineering services and Research & Development projects. We possess passionate management, and a highly skilled work force, which has been developed to fuel the growth of our business.

Advanced Manufacturing Park & AMRC

We are located in the heart of England next door to the AMRC, within the Sheffield Science Park that is home to technological innovation and has good logistical communications.

Blue Chip Clients – Aero, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Industrial

We supply complex machined parts and expertise in machining technology to a number of Global Blue Chip Clients as well as a variety of smaller businesses. Boeing, Rolls-Royce, Bombardier and Siemens are among some of our more well- known clients.

We strive for the lowest cost manufacturing solution using the quickest and most innovative methods, yielding cost down solutions.

We apply advanced machining technology in hard metals such as Nickel Alloys, Titanium and Hard Steels. However our techniques can also lead to huge savings in other alloys such as Aluminium.

The company was recently featured in a BBC Radio 4 broadcast click here to listen to the programme.