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AML remains proud to be part of a secure and thriving Defence sector within the UK and abroad. Defence continues to require great partnerships between the public and private space in order to deliver the solutions required of tomorrow. Machining of complex components remains a key capability in order to build and power the next generation of air, marine and land-based systems. This not only requires high level engineering capabilities focusing on materials, manufacturing techniques, and delivering high quality components; but establishing partnerships that can work within the requirements of the defence supply chain. AML is proud to have developed this level of interaction with customer partners and has continued to invest in its staff and internal systems to meet the requirements of this key sector.

Technology that keeps populations safe requires partnerships built on real trust.


  • Continued capability in the machining of hard to machine, tight tolerance, complex geometries for defence applications
  • Defence Material Specialisations – Titanium, Nickel Based Superalloys, Softer Alloys inc. Aluminium
  • Secure, connected, digital systems that meet cybersecurity standards
  • Designated customer managers ensuring partners obtain delivery on time and to their requirements