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The Energy market remains a sector in flux with exciting transitions to new forms of energy delivery and a renewed focus on low carbon offerings such as nuclear and offshore wind generation. Regardless of the energy driver of choice there remains significant manufacturing challenges in the delivery of appropriate components to this sector. Light weight designs requiring careful consideration of vibration and extensive parts in transmission style functions where tight tolerances and controlled surface finishes are paramount. The scale set by governments is huge with a vast supply chain needed for delivery. AML has focused on developing the engineering skill set needed to be part of this solution and form an integral partner in the supply chain solution.


AML develops innovative solutions for our customers to supply sustainable and reliable energy systems.


  • Energy Material Specialisations – Super Duplexes, Stainless Steels and other challenging exotic materials
  • Significant expertise in dynamic analysis of parts, structures and the machining process leading to increased part productivity and quality
  • Key adaptive machining techniques for tight tolerance and surface finish requirements
  • Advanced metrology capabilities for part certification