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Precision Machining & Sub-Contract Services

AML is primarily a volume manufacturer but we are frequently called upon by customers to provide a range of services because of our technical expertise. When customers are looking to increase their machining capability, develop manufacturing methods on new products or improve their existing processes we offer service packages. We incubate these projects in-house and can also offer to roll out the technology into a customer’s facilities.

Development and Pre Production of Parts

These can range from an individual part or up to a few hundred, depending upon the demands of the customer.

CAD/CAM offload

If a customer has an overload on development or a part causing a problem, utilise our engineering team for this service.

Global Training Packages

We write bespoke packages for customers that have been delivered worldwide on a diverse range of subjects.

Troubleshooting & Optimisation

AML has assisted and advised on vibration issues and cutting strategies, which has increased efficiency levels by reducing cycle times. These projects have resulted in significant cost savings for our customers. This service has been utilised by our customers on a repeat basis across the world.

Sub-Contract Machining

Although Advanced Manufacturing (Sheffield) Ltd is a specialist in solving machining problems and supplying high end products, we also offer sub-contract machining services in the general machining market.  Our techniques still give substantial cost savings for our customers in the sub-contract machining arena.  We look forward to receiving any sub-contract machining enquiry and will field all enquiries with the dutiful attention your proposal deserves.