How stable is your supply chain? The past two years have certainly presented the biggest challenges on manufacturing supply chains the world over. As we emerge from a global pandemic, we are witnessing a changed economic landscape for manufacturers and their customers.

The pandemic has created a less global, more local economy which presents opportunities for those able to adapt quickly. As part of this transformation, industries are looking to bring supply chains closer to home and are creating major “reshoring” opportunities.

Reshoring presents a significant opportunity of growth for the UK manufacturing sector, whilst providing a number of key benefits to the companies looking closer to home for suppliers.

Key benefits of reshoring manufacturing:

  • A supplier in the UK significantly reduces, in some cases completely removes, the risk of a supply chain collapsing.
  • Weather, raw material shortages and a whole spectrum of other factors, including the apparent border control delays can have a huge knock-on effect in delivery schedules. Reshoring manufacturing can help avoid risk of delays in delivery.
  • Frequent site visits and ease of communication allow for tighter control over product quality and ensuring industry standards are met.
  • Quite often is the case when contracting overseas suppliers, questions surrounding ethical practice can arise. Remove any uncertainty around this and KNOW your supplier.
  • Working in the same time zone reduces delays in communication and allows speedy response to problem solving. Communicating in the same native language also prevents any barriers to business including design, metrics and trade contracts.
  • Visiting overseas suppliers is often time consuming and costly to the company. Reshoring will significantly reduce travel costs and resources required to visit suppliers, allowing for more frequent face-to-face meetings.
  • From prototyping and samples to timely overseas freight processes, reshoring production can reduce overall turnaround time.
  • Reshoring manufacturing can reduce or eliminate delivery costs entirely.

Reshoring is highlighting the skills, resources and ability for innovation that the UK manufacturing sector boasts. As the UK continues to recover from the recent pandemic and adapt to the implications of Brexit, there is a silver lining in witnessing more companies transition and support UK manufacturers.


How AML Sheffield can help

AML Sheffield is an advanced manufacturing supplier specialising in the development of manufacturing solutions, and production services for a number of prestigious blue-chip clients.

We are recognised as market leaders in delivering flexible manufacturing capability at the leading edge of machining technologies and efficiencies, and we have many years of experience and expertise within the aerospace, defence, and energy sectors.

We are a trusted supply chain partner and utilise the very latest technology and equipment to manufacture the highest quality precision parts available on the market today.

We work collaboratively with our customers to deliver technologically advanced solutions. . By constantly investing in our facilities, equipment, and people, we are committed to embracing the latest technology to not only provide value but to also meet the next generation of production challenges.

There really is no need to look further than AML Sheffield, we are committed to supporting the factories of the future.