Q: Liam, congratulations on your new role as a Research & Development Engineer at AML, what does your role involve?

A: Essentially my role is an integrator of the latest researched technologies into the live production setting of AML. This is achieved through the constant stream of RnD projects flowing through the business. My involvement within these projects is two-fold, primarily I act as the day-to-day project manager on each of the projects allocating any required time and resource and secondly, I serve as a technical hub for each project providing insights and workings around the inner mechanisms of AML.

Q: R&D projects are at the heart of AML’s ability to support the factories of the future. How key is this to guaranteeing future success?

A: In terms of a final output product the aerospace supply chain is one of the highest quality sectors, however in terms of manufacturing it is far behind that of other sectors such as automotive. It is seen as the responsibility of AML to help progress the Aerospace sector into Industry 4.0 through RnD supporting factories of the future.

In the current era of rapid change and development it is an essential part of the business to conduct RnD in order to stay relevant within the supply chain. Top tier OEMs expect their downstream suppliers to progress alongside the latest product developments.

Q: AML prides itself on being an early adopter of new technologies, how important is this in the sectors you work with?

A: The early adoption of new technologies gives AML a competitive edge within the sectors in which it operates securing work over those companies that are both larger and longer established.

Q: What is your favourite part of your job, I imagine no two days are the same working in such an innovative industry?

A: My favourite part of the job is that I am on the forefront of the latest technology innovations. In most cases the projects that I run have never been conducted before within a manufacturing setting which gives me a great feeling of accomplishment knowing that projects I’m working on now will significantly impact the industry in years to come.