Quality is paramount to companies in the Aerospace and Defence Industries. Delivery of high-quality products is vital to customer satisfaction as any deviation can result in severe safety consequences with sometimes fatal results. Component manufactures strive for exceptional component accuracy, meeting precision tolerances.

Further, any part manufactured for either the aerospace or defence industry will have to perform in extreme environments, including very high and low temperatures and pressures, meaning that they must be manufactured with higher tolerances to wear and tear, to ensure their longevity.

New digital solutions in precise machining and engineering milling systems are set to transform aerospace and defence production. Through IoT technology, machines can seamlessly communicate with each other sharing valuable real-time data and analytics right at our fingertips. The enhancement in precision manufacturing by these smart technological systems enables the opportunity to achieve lower error rates and product failures, thus reducing huge costs historically faced by manufacturers. This is particularly critical for applications with high volumes and high accuracy requirements such as aerospace and defence where parts that demand total accuracy are very expensive to scrap.

By adopting automated systems, production will become more seamless, robust and visual, from planning all the way to actual operations, allowing you to work smarter not harder.

The AS-9100 standard was conceived to ensure that any component manufactured for the Aerospace and Defence industries complied to a uniform standard. AS-9100 gives manufacturers a standard for establishing and maintaining a system which ensures that products provided to the Aerospace and Defence industries have longevity and are safe and reliable. An AS-9100 certificate acts as a marker to state that a specific company meets these standards and can ensure that only the highest quality parts are being manufactured.

There are many ways to ensure quality in the manufacture of components for these industries, including improving the production process itself by ensuring that there are clear and open communication channels with all associated suppliers. This in turn ensures the quality of your product at every stage of the production process; the quality of the final part depends on the quality of each component used to create it; thus open channels of communication can ensure that your suppliers are providing the very best materials. Further, the production process should be inspected regularly, to identify any areas of inefficiency or areas where unnecessary risks are being taken, and to implement corrected methodologies to solve these and prevent them from reoccurring. This process is aided by the keeping of detailed documentation, which can ensure that any decisions made about changing the methodologies of production can be backed up by data, further ensuring the quality of the finished product.

AML has always adopted a technology-based approach and has years of experience in high performance machining for the Aerospace and Defence industries. Quality is ‘a given’ in the precision machining industry and AML’s customers require us to work within the most stringent quality procedures and tight drawing tolerances. We build quality into our systems from request for quotes to shipping and invoicing. We use SPC and data driven techniques to maximise efficiencies and minimise waste, ensuring the best value for our customers. In addition to in-process Renishaw probing measurements, we also use a range of Mitutoyo and Zeiss measuring equipment, all managed and controlled by a committed team and a unique MRP control system.

In addition to this, AML holds and conforms to the leading industry standards including the AS-9100 certificate of approval, the Rolls-Royce, and Rolls-Royce Germany, certificates of approval, and the Cyber Essentials certificate of approval. AML is also part of the SC21 framework which is designed for ’21st Century supply chains’ to accelerate the competitiveness of Aerospace and Defence companies and is governed by ADS (Advancing UK Aerospace, Defence, Security & Space Industries).

AML Sheffield is an advanced manufacturing supplier of precision components and machined parts for the Aerospace and Defence industry. AML’s Aerospace machining services and Defence machined components are of the highest quality, due to our AS-9100 accreditation. AML’s expert engineering milling and CNC machining services include 5 axis CNC machining, ensuring that components with the most complex of machined parts can be manufactured in- house.