Q1. Greeshma, you recently started your new role as a Quality Engineer at AML, what attracted you to this role and AML as a company?

A Quality Engineer always looks out for continuous improvement and at AML, I believe this role will help me leverage my skills and experience to the fullest, to bring the best to the company.

Also, AML has its roots focused on precision machining of Aerospace parts, which is closely related to my background too. I wish to learn and develop under the best industry leaders and mentors which I will get here.

Q2. What does your new role involve?

My new role is quite challenging and involves activities related to both Quality control and Quality assurance. It varies from writing concessions, to helping in audits, to sometimes resolving minor engineering queries from customer.

Q3. How long have you been working in Engineering, tell us a bit about your experience?

I have completed my B.Tech in Aeronautical engineering and have around 2.5 years of experience across Quality, Aviation Management, Manufacturing engineering, designing and maintenance. I have been able to work with some of the leading Aviation and Defence organizations of the world and the knowledge I have gained from them has been very helpful in my journey.

 Q4. AML supplies manufacturing solutions for a number of blue-chip clients with a key emphasis on quality. How important are advances in quality improvement?

In the fields of Aerospace, Defence and Power, Quality falters are totally unacceptable, can have major safety consequences and also affect customer satisfaction. Hence, it is important for AML to keep up with the advances in Quality management systems by implementing Advanced Product Quality planning (APQP), Six Sigma, minimising risk due to counterfeit parts and many more. This will in turn help AML to maintain its place as world-class suppliers of high quality products.

Q5. Finally, what do you most enjoy about working at AML?

I can, without certainly, a doubt, tell that the biggest joy for me is that I got to be a part of such an enthusiastic team at AML, not only in Quality, but also from other departments. All of them are very supportive when it comes to resolving any queries and finishing up the work at a faster pace. The work assigned are also sometimes very innovative and helps me to test my skills and learn and grow each day.