Pictured Jacob Percival with Erica Stary

The team at AML is proud to announce that Jacob Percival won the Career Development category in the Metals Industry Apprentice of the Year Awards, held by The Worshipful Company of Tin Plate Workers alias Wire Workers. Jacob is now working as a Quality Engineer as he has completed his 3 year apprenticeship in machining.

About the Worshipful Company of Tin Plate Workers

The Worshipful Company of Tin Plate Workers alias Wire Workers is one of the 110 Livery Companies of the City of London, which have their origin in the mediaeval trade guilds. In the 21st century they continue to flourish, combining a wide range of charitable work (collectively donating £72M annually); promoting fellowship among their members; and taking part in the corporate life of the City, as well as maintaining links with their historical trades and/or modern equivalents.

As the original trades of tin plate and wire-working have evolved into modern industries, the Company has maintained its trade connections while using much of its charitable spending to encourage students and apprentices in materials science and the metals industries, as well as a range of awards for art students working with non-precious metals.

About AML Sheffield

AML is an advanced manufacturing supplier offering in-house adaptive machining algorithms to achieve the tightest of tolerances. We have the capability to manufacture parts for the aerospace industry in a range of specialist materials including titanium, nickel-based superalloys, and softer alloys inc. aluminium.

Aerospace remains a significant industry for both Global and UK manufacturing, with ever increasing trends towards light weighting and innovative technologies supporting greener flying patterns. Precision components machining remains a foundation corner stone of the industry, with ever more complex geometries and materials requiring innovative manufacturing solutions. AML has continued to position itself in this market sector over the years, continually improving its aerospace machining services and aerospace machined components to meet these challenges.

Now recognised as a market leader in delivering flexible manufacturing capability at the leading edge of precise machining technologies and efficiencies, with particular expertise in aerospace, defence, energy and nuclear components.