Transforming Manufacturing, commitment to Sustainability

AML is extremely proud to be part of the brand-new project, SCORE, a game-changing initiative in the field of Manufacturing Sustainability and Innovation, thanks to the Eureka/Eurostars program, a key element of the European Commission’s Horizon Europe policy.

This project is an exciting international collaboration, bringing together three countries.

AML is representing the United Kingdom, bringing our cutting-edge manufacturing expertise to the team and end-user platform for testing SCORE innovations.

Greece is represented by the International Hellenic University, an academic institution bringing expertise in manufacturing science.

France is represented by the Université de Tours, bringing its scientific expertise on material forming process characterizations and on physical phenomena understanding through numerical simulations and models.

And not to mention  Advanced Assisted Manufacturing Solutions who is at the heart of this exciting adventure leading the Consortium.

SCORE has bold ambitions for transforming Manufacturing and plans to achieve the following –

Reduce carbon emissions
Minimize energy consumption
Rethink cutting tools and lubrication techniques
Promote chip recyclability
Achieve overall savings of 20%

The members of the consortium believe in a realistic approach to the use of electrical energy, water consumption, cutting fluids/oils, compressed air, and tooling. This information is essential for improving practices and reducing environmental impact.

Dr Gareth Morgan, MD at AML comments “the team at AML is extremely proud to be part of the consortium. Our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of this project. SCORE has big plans to transform manufacturing so very exciting times ahead!”.

About AML

AML Sheffield is a leading manufacturing supplier, known for flexible manufacturing capabilities, cutting-edge machining technologies, and production services. It possesses valuable IP related to cutting strategies, digital production tracking, and patented adaptive machining algorithms.