As we all know, Industry 4.0 – or the Fourth Industrial Revolution – put smart technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud connectivity, real-time data analytics, advanced robotics and 3D printing at the centre of manufacturing and supply chains. Industry 4.0 represents a drive towards efficiency and productivity as it paves the way for real-time decision making with the help of ‘smart’ processes.

With Industry 5.0, the human component returns, but it is now integrated with smart machines. It’s about robots helping humans to work better and faster by using advanced technologies in their decision making such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data. It empowers workers, as well as addressing the evolving skills and training needs of employees. While Industry 4.0 is all about automation and efficiency, Industry 5.0 is about collaboration: humans and machines working together to improve productivity and sustainability. The partnership of humans and smart machines combines the accuracy and speed of industrial automation with the creativity and innovation of humans resulting in the best of both worlds.

How AML is embracing Industry 5.0

The team at AML is already actively on board in recording how data is gathered and used effectively to improve decision making, develop the design processes and control machinery and equipment. We use continual improvement processes to support the implementation of cutting-edge manufacturing systems technology and software.

At AML, we not only pride ourselves on the advanced software we have in place, but on our ability to utilise the data to make active changes in the business to drive improvement. One key piece of technology that allows us to do this is a data management software from The Access Group, known as Analytics.

Analytics works by collecting data from multiple sources, regardless of software manufacturer, and is organised to generate dashboards consisting of tables, graphs and charts. All staff have access to Analytics but are given specific access to the dashboards that they require.

The KPI’s produced in Analytics are used to monitor activity throughout the business, from operations to finance, and utilise this to make active decisions that keep the business moving in the right direction.

AML consistently reinvests profits to enhance our people, factory and facilities, with a focus on training, automation technology and software. The goal is to digitise all aspects of the company, particularly data collection and utilisation to enable our team to make informed and intelligent decisions. We embrace the Industry 5.0 ethos of putting people back at the heart of the manufacturing process, placing the wellbeing of our team at the centre of production. AML’s mantra has always been that ‘people are our biggest assets’. The foundations of AML are built around our employees, developing skills and technology side by side. This enables us to stay competitive within the industry but more importantly to attract the best talent in the industry.

About AML

AML is an advanced manufacturing supplier specialising in the development of manufacturing solutions, and production services for a number of prestigious blue-chip clients. AML is a recognised market leader in the delivery of flexible manufacturing capability at the leading edge of machining technologies and efficiencies, with particular expertise in aerospace, defence, energy and nuclear components.

Utilising the very latest technology and equipment, AML manufactures the highest quality precision parts available on the market today. Through our early adoption of technology, we are committed to supporting the factories of the future.